High Performance UV Raman Imager Provides Enhanced Application Capabilities for Defense & Homeland Security

Raman Explorer™ Instrument Line Expanded to Support UV Laser Excitation

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Fitchburg, MA; December 1, 2010 - To further enhance the ability to detect explosives and other chemical threats, Headwall Photonics announced the availability of new models of the Raman Explorer platform for use in the UV spectral region. Available for laser excitation as low as 248 nanometers, the Raman Explorer™ extends the current analytical ability of customers in the defense and homeland security sectors through the availability of high UV spectral performance coupled with a small form factor for field-based deployment.

The key performance feature of the UV Raman Explorer models is the elimination of signal distortions associated with auto-fluorescence "noise" which occurs when attempting to identify and analyze chemical compounds. In addition, the Raman Explorer provides the ability to collect signal from a large entrance aperture with no image or channel distortion.

The Raman Explorer™ product family has established a leadership position in the class of instruments defined as Raman imagers. These sensor products are able to simultaneously collect and process a large number of signal collection fibers that are precisely mapped from a sample or target to a focal plane array. With aberration-correction being a key defining characteristic of the instrument, the Raman Explorer™ provides highly resolved Raman spectra yielding greater measurement accuracy and signal integrity. The Raman Explorer™ is based on Headwall's patented, multi-channel imaging design.

According to Jay Zakrzewski, Headwall's Director of Business Development, "these new Raman Explorer models build upon Headwall's strategy of offering our customers exceptional spectral imaging performance for critical applications. With a very robust, all-reflective optical design, these new Raman imaging systems are designed to be field-deployable".

The Raman Explorer™ product family is currently available for use with the following laser excitation wavelengths: 1064nm, 830nm, 785nm, 642nm, 532nm, 366nm, and 248nm.

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