Headwall Photonics Successfully Recertifies to ISO 9001:2008

Strong worldwide demand key to Headwall’s process-driven approach

Fitchburg, MA – February 14, 2012: Headwall Photonics, a leading supplier of high performance integrated spectrometer systems for spectral imaging and chemical sensing applications, announced that it has successfully completed ISO recertification to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Originally certified to this standard in March 2009, Headwall is one of very companies of its size to earn the certification. NQA, one of the largest and most respected ISO registrars in the world, managed the recertification process for Headwall.


As a worldwide supplier of high-performance imaging systems and analytical instrumentation to end users and OEMs, Headwall continuously manages the implementation of quality standards and work procedures. “Our customers deploy Headwall technology in a wide range of mission-critical application areas,” said Larry Barstow, Headwall’s Chief Operating Officer. “Producing instruments that exceed customer expectations and meet exacting tolerances requires a set of rigorous quality processes. Our successful recertification demonstrates the effectiveness of our quality management methods.”

Given the high-growth environment of Headwall Photonics’ business and technology, there is a requirement to support the business with practices and procedures that reflect the criticality of the application environments served. According to Arlen Chapman, Quality Systems Director of NQA, “Achieving ISO re-certification under the ISO 9001:2008 standard represents a significant achievement and highlights Headwall’s long-standing commitment as a quality-focused organization.” With the perspective of NQA’s presence of more than 22,000 certificates in 53 countries, Mr. Chapman noted that the ISO 9001:2008 standard is more rigorous and demanding than previous standards. “Headwall, as a venture-backed technology manufacturer, is certainly a leader in the implementation of quality standards with work procedures and systems comparable to those typically seen in much larger organizations.”

ABOUT HEADWALL PHOTONICS                                                                                   

Headwall Photonics is the leading designer and manufacturer of imaging spectrometers and spectral instrumentation for industrial, commercial, and government markets. Headwall’s high performance spectrometers, spectral engines, and holographic diffraction gratings have been selected by OEM and end-user customers around the world for use in critical application environments. As a pioneer in the development of innovative spectrographs and imaging spectrometers based on optical technologies, Headwall enjoys a market leadership position through the design and manufacture of patented spectral instrumentation that is customized for application-specific performance. Headwall Photonics is ISO 9001:2008 certified and was formed in 2003 as the result of a management buy-out from Agilent Technologies.

ABOUT NQA                                                                                                                        

National Quality Assurance, USA, Inc. (NQA, USA) is a joint venture subsidiary of National Technical Systems (Calabasas, CA) and National Quality Assurance, Limited (London). Located in Acton, Massachusetts, NQA, USA is a leading provider of quality and environmental management systems registration services. NQA’s worldwide operations are accredited to perform management systems registrations by ANSI - ANAB and UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service). NQA, USA has expertise in many diverse industries including aerospace, transportation and distribution, printing, professional services, automotive, foods, electronics, computers, and software. More information can be found at

US Senator Scott Brown Focuses on Hyperspectral Imaging Technology

US Senator Scott Brown Visits Headwall To Highlight Importance of Job Growth & Technology Innovation


Headwall Product Innovation Highlights Massachusetts Manufacturing Success


Fitchburg, MA, January 17, 2012 — Headwall Photonics, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced spectral instrumentation, hosted a visit with US Senator Scott Brown to discuss legislative initiatives for supporting small-business growth and investment.  As a member of the Committee for Armed Services, Committee for Homeland Security, and Committee for Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Senator Brown has accumulated significant experience and appreciation for small businesses providing innovative solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense.

US Sen Scott Brown

In a “town hall” meeting with Headwall employees, Senator Brown reflected on his support for Massachusetts manufacturers of advanced technology as key engines to fuel economic success and recovery in the country. “Small business innovation and growth such as we have seen at Headwall Photonics will be the key driver of job creation in this country” stated Senator Brown.

Senator Brown is involved in two key initiatives that Headwall CEO David Bannon took time to commend. The first is the Hire a Hero act, introduced by Brown in February 2011 and signed into law later that same year. The second is Brown’s support for the reauthorization of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) bill that was signed into law earlier in January. “These two programs are clearly targeted at making our economy stronger and more productive particularly for smaller businesses, and I want to thank Senator Brown for his leadership and taking a strong, proactive stand on them.”

CEO David Bannon and President Larry Barstow took Senator Brown through Headwall’s headquarters and manufacturing facility, taking time to explain some of the advanced imaging technology that the Company is developing for the DoD and for a wide range of commercial applications.  Senator Brown noted that “Headwall’s technology, particularly in the area of hyperspectral sensor development, offers cutting edge solutions providing the warfighter with critical advantages on the battlefield”.

About Headwall Photonics

Headwall Photonics is a leading designer and manufacturer of imaging spectrometers,  spectral instrumentation, and diffractive optics for industrial, commercial, and government markets. Headwall’s high performance instruments have been selected by governments, OEMs, and end-user customers around the world for use in critical application environments. Headwall enjoys a market leadership position through the design and manufacture of spectral instrumentation that is customized for application-specific performance.  Headwall Photonics was formed as the result of a management buy-out from Agilent Technologies.

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