Hyperspectral Imaging Equipment

Headwall has the industry's broadest range of hyperspectral imaging equipment, from fully integrated solutions and hyperspectral imaging sensors to spectrometers and holographic diffraction gratings.


Hyperspectral Sensors

Headwall produces hyperspectral imaging sensors that cover ranges from UV-VIS to SWIR and beyond. These high-resolution instruments are small, lightweight, rugged, and feature a wide field of view.

The newest addition to our family of award-winning sensors is the Hyperspec® MV.X, a rugged IP67-rated VNIR imaging system with embedded-processing to perform real-time onboard spectral classification on the production line. The MV.X was recently awarded a Gold Innovator Award from Vision System Design.

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Integrated Airborne Solutions

Headwall is the leading provider of airborne solutions that combine a hyperspectral imaging sensor with a GPS/IMU and data storage. LiDAR can be added if needed, and the entire solution is fully flight- and data-tested.

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Integrated Machine Vision Solutions

Hyperspectral imaging sensors allow for the development of advanced machine vision solutions that go well beyond the capabilities of traditional cameras and RGB systems. Headwall provides all the hardware and software needed to inspect and grade food products with very high spectral and spatial resolution.

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Laboratory Systems

Headwall provides a range of scanning kits that combine a motorized stage, full illumination, and all necessary software to hyperspectrally scan small sample sizes. Your Hyperspec® imaging sensor can attach easily to these kits. Scanning kits are available in standard or large formats, and in versions for UV-VIS as well as VNIR-NIR-SWIR ranges.

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Field Systems

Remote sensing can be done from the ground as well as the air, and Headwall provides rotary stages and pan-and-tilt systems that are precisely engineered to collect hyperspectral data of rock faces, mineral deposits, agriculture and crops, and more.

OEM Products

Headwall's core technology is the aberration-corrected holographic diffraction grating. This application-specific component represents the basis for a range of single-channel, dual-channel, multi-channel and Raman spectrographs for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). High resolution, high efficiency, and low stray light are benefits provided by these application-specific products.

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Gratings and subassemblies