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Integrated Industrial Systems

Visualize Value at the Speed of Light

From specialty crops to seafood and poultry, the global food industry adopts advanced tools to ensure the quality and safety of food supplies. Factories and processing plants screen, grade, and sort incoming material, and then inspect finished or semi-finished goods before shipment to customers with high standards. Increase accuracy and achieve more consistent performance.


  • Detects and classifies using the spectral dimension
  • Hyperspectral Imaging System: Not Just a Camera!
  • Built for Challenging VNIR (400-1000nm) Machine-Vision Applications on the Processing Line
  • Fast Onboard, Embedded Processing for Real-Time Classification
  • GenICam-Compliant GigE Interface with an IP67-Rated Housing
  • CE certified
  • Flexible and Robust with Simple Workflow
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Food Quality & Safety

From specialty crops to seafood and poultry, the global food processing industry needs newer and more precise tools to meet stringent government regulations. Uncertainty resulting from reliance on human inspectors or limited capability RGB cameras is creating a strong drive for adoption of advanced hyperspectral imaging systems that are simultaneously robust, affordable, and easy to deploy.

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Process Monitoring

Even the most well-developed process can suffer from undesired changes that are indetectable by conventional means. Hyperspectral imaging can see and characterize things by capturing the fine spectral detail lost when using color or multispectral sensors.

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Color Measurement

Precise color is fundamental to industries such as automotive, textiles, and paint. Headwall’s spectral imaging sensors and spectrometers deliver very high spatial and spectral resolution across a wide field of view. Our Hyperspec™ sensors and the new MV.X family featuring embedded-processing capabilities help customers save time and money.

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Plant Genomics

Hyperspectral imaging from the air, in greenhouses, and in laboratories is transforming phenomics, enabling rapid screening and allowing advances in genotyping and phenotyping, as well as efforts to breed more disease-resistant or higher-efficiency crop varieties.


The wide spectral range of Headwall hyperspectral sensors means that even similar material (such as plastics sharing the same visible color) can be distinguished and separated based on the spectral signature of each distinct material.