See a demonstration of Quick and Intuitive Offline Hyperspectral Scanning to Support Real-Time Online Inspection Processes by George Killian, Application Scientist. Originally part of Photonics Media's Vision Spectra Conference 2023. 

NIR 900-1700nm

Hyperspec® MV.C NIR

Introduced at Vision, the World's Largest Machine Vision Fair, Headwall's Hyperspec® MV.C NIR brings reliable and intuitive operation to industrial inspection and detection. 

Train Offline and Deploy for Real-Time Operation

Water Droplet on Plant using Hyperspec MV.C NIR

The MV.C NIR can be directly controlled using perClass Mira®, a powerful yet easy-to-use software package that dramatically simplifies interpretation of hyperspectral images collected. Spectral-classification models can be applied in real time, enabling fast and accurate inspection and detection along processing lines of all kinds.

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Hyperspec MV.C NIR

NIR Hyperspectral Sensors

Our Near-Infrared (NIR) wavelength range sensors are known for their outstanding performance for food-safety, material-sorting, chemical and pharmaceutical applications, and manufacturing inspection uses.

Hyperspec NIR 320 and NIR 640

Micro-Hyperspec NIR sensors come in either 320- or 640-spatial-pixel models for field or lab use. They are CE certified, small and light with Base CameraLink interface and low power requirements. However, many researchers who undertake remote-sensing missions using drones or field kits will choose the Co-Aligned VNIR-SWIR system because of its greater wavelength range.

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