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Hyperspectral and Operational Software

Latest News: Release of Hyperspec® III version 3.2

Headwall is proud to announce the release of the latest version of our hyperspectral software platform, Hyperspec III 3.2. This upgrade is FREE to customers who own airborne, ground, or benchtop hyperspectral imaging systems originally purchased with Hyperspec III that are under warranty or extended software maintenance agreement. Contact us for details about upgrading systems that are no longer under warranty or maintenance agreement.

See our Support Ticketing System to find out if you are eligible for an upgrade!

AgView™ is Headwall's agricultural-focused hyperspectral image analysis software application that uses multispectral or hyperspectral image data to quantify six different vegetative indices (VI's). The application is designed so that you can fly the field and interpret your data the same day.

We also provide or recommend third-party tools for tasks such as flight planning, 3D point-cloud visualization and editing.

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