See a demonstration of Quick and Intuitive Offline Hyperspectral Scanning to Support Real-Time Online Inspection Processes by George Killian, Application Scientist. Originally part of Photonics Media's Vision Spectra Conference 2023. 

Integrated Airborne Systems

Fly the Spectrum

A key to success is having the right tools. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have evolved into the go-to platform for many remote-sensing applications. Headwall's integrated hyperspectral sensor drones combine our advanced sensors with a choice of GPS/IMU mounted on a high-performance UAV. LiDAR and active stabilizing gimbals are also available for many configurations. Our solutions are fully data-tested, and training is available at our facility or online.



A Global Positioning System / Inertial Measurement Unit (GPS/IMU) keeps track of location coordinates while the IMU accounts for the effects of roll, pitch, and yaw. Headwall offers two GPS/IMU instruments available for use on UAVs: Standard (left) and High-Performance (right). The Standard unit is very compact and lightweight, while the High-Performance unit offers increased accuracy.

GPS/IMU Comparison


Aerial LiDAR is useful for forest mapping and crop-health analytics by providing information on plant height and density. Combining hyperspectral and LiDAR provides a more complete picture of how the landscape looks with respect to structure and vegetation types. Headwall’s LiDAR Tools allows creation of high-resolution, high-accuracy Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) crucial for accurate orthorectified images and flying over areas where the topography is subject to periodic change.

Our LiDAR Offerings

Flight Planning

Successful remote sensing missions start with flight planning. Headwall has several software applications, including a Polygon Tool that allows the user to determine the precise GPS points within which the drone with a hyperspectral camera will operate. This saves storage space, battery life, and assures a more accurate data-collection mission. We also have a Field-of-View Calculator and other useful tools for customers.

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