Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Applications


Watch the Technology in Action

Headwall's spectral imaging sensors are used aboard a variety of UAS platforms, including the DJI Matrice 600 Pro. Headwall professionally integrates and tests every airborne package it sells. This includes putting the package through a range of data-collection and data processing exercises to assure perfect performance.


Earth Observation

Headwall produces lightweight Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) sensors for use aboard small remote sensing satellites. Cubesats can be deployed in constellations to effectively monitor the earth with very high spectral and spatial resolution.

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Crop Health

In the developing world, 40-50 percent of all crop yields are lost to pests or diseases. Even in the United States losses reach 20-25 percent. High-resolution spectral imaging sensors represent a game changer for agriculture since they can spot crop stress in the infrared ranges. Data collected with hyperspectral remote sensing technologies can be processed and interpreted the same day.

Mining and Exploration

The mining and mineral exploration industry continually seeks new technologies. Spectral imaging for remote sensing purposes is one of the most precise, allowing for the accurate classification and identification of minerals based upon chemical signatures obtained in the shortwave-infrared (SWIR) region. Headwall's spectral imaging sensors can be used aboard UAVs as well as on the ground in pan-and-tilt and rotary-stage configurations.

Civil Infrastructure Inspection

Dams, bridges, railways, pipelines and even asphalt on busy airport runways need to be inspected. Drone-mounted spectral imaging sensors collect precise data that can identify corrosion, invasive plant species, disturbed earth, and other indications found in the infrared spectral ranges.