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Hyperspectral Industrial Applications

Rugged and Powerful

Our hyperspectral technology provides industrial automation processes with a reliable means to perform food-safety checks, detect unwanted foreign matter, accurately classify objects, and efficiently identify materials for grading or sorting without physical contact in a challenging environment.

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Food Quality & Safety

From specialty crops to seafood and poultry, the global food processing industry needs newer and more precise tools to meet stringent government regulations. Uncertainty resulting from reliance on human inspectors or limited capability RGB cameras is creating a strong drive for adoption of advanced hyperspectral imaging systems that are simultaneously robust, affordable, and easy to deploy.

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World’s Finest Almonds

Almond growers embrace hyperspectral technology combined with robotics and applications software to power their ability not only to find and remove foreign materials, but also to classify almonds based on a range of geometric and spectral characteristics.

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Pharmaceutical PAT

Because hyperspectral imaging systems can see with high spectral resolution, pharmaceutical manufacturers can monitor and inspect their products for quality in real time. Continuous feedback from hyperspectral data helps engineers to better understand how manufacturing parameters change under different conditions. In packaging and inspection operations real time hyperspectral data can help detect process anomalies and foreign objects.

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Process Monitoring

Even the most well-developed process can suffer from undesired changes that are indetectable by conventional means. Hyperspectral imaging can see and characterize things by capturing the fine spectral detail lost when using color or multispectral sensors.

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Color Measurement

Precise color is fundamental to industries such as automotive, textiles, and paint. Headwall’s spectral imaging sensors and spectrometers deliver very high spatial and spectral resolution across a wide field of view. Our Hyperspec™ sensors and the new MV.X family featuring embedded-processing capabilities help customers save time and money.

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Cultural Heritage & Forensics

Hyperspectral imaging is extremely valuable to the field of artwork analysis and conservation. Using this non-invasive technique, researchers can ‘see the invisible.’ Even faded, damaged, altered/restored artifacts usually exhibit spectral differences. Hyperspectral imaging also affords forensic scientists unique advantages in non-invasive analysis of evidence, documents, artifacts, or other objects of interest. Forensic teams are able to more thoroughly evaluate crime scene evidence that can determine the uniqueness of these samples.

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