See the recording of a FREE Webinar on non-contact prediction of Brix in Blueberries using the Headwall MV.C NIR Hyperspectral Sensor with the perClass MIRA Scanning Stage.

Earth Observation

Lightweight Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) sensors or subassemblies for use aboard small satellites or even constellations of Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) satellites enable high-performance imaging at high spatial and spectral resolution with low risk.


HISUI (Hyperspectral Imager SUIte) is a hyperspectral sensor for exploration of oil and gas resources, supporting research conducted by Japan Space Systems. It contains two Headwall custom high-performance VNIR and SWIR imaging spectrometers and can identify substances on the Earth's surface with higher accuracy than existing multispectral sensors.


Center for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Europe (CHRSE)

The CHRSE was formed by Headwall and geo-konzept to support the implementation and utilization of hyperspectral imaging technology with other sensor technology focusing on agriculture, mining, environmental monitoring and infrastructure inspection applications. CHRSE is not just a virtual entity, it is a real location! Make a reservation and arrange a visit to Adelschag, Germany. See recordings of our live events.

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Hyperspectral Imaging Application Center (HIAC)

In order to introduce hyperspectral Imaging to a wider range of users and their applications, Headwall and Visratek launched HIAC in Ankara, offering key hyperspectral imaging services for your success, like on-demand sample analysis, application feasibility studies and demonstrations, hands-on training, as well as system-integration services. See recordings of our live events.

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