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Food Quality & Safety

Sort & Detect

From specialty crops to seafood and poultry, the global food inspection industry needs newer and more precise tools to meet stringent government regulations.

Uncertainty resulting from reliance on human inspectors or limited capability RGB cameras is creating a strong drive for adoption of advanced high-resolution imaging systems that are simultaneously robust, affordable, and easy to deploy.


Improved ability to sort and timely detection of contamination by techniques like hyperspectral imaging help food producers assure the quality and consistency of their products and avoid costly and brand-damaging recalls.

The ability to grade food products based on numerous geometric and spectral classifications is a key differentiator for hyperspectral imaging sensors. Nuts and specialty crops can be inspected based not on simple ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ metrics, but on more subtle characteristics that maximize quality and throughput.

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Hyperspectral Imaging Application Center (HIAC)

In order to introduce hyperspectral Imaging to a wider range of users and their applications, Headwall and Visratek launched HIAC in Ankara, offering key hyperspectral imaging services for your success, like on-demand sample analysis, application feasibility studies and demonstrations, hands-on training, as well as system-integration services. See recordings of our live events.

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