See the recording of a FREE Webinar on non-contact prediction of Brix in Blueberries using the Headwall MV.C NIR Hyperspectral Sensor with the perClass MIRA Scanning Stage.

Process Monitoring

Even the most well-developed process can suffer from undesired changes that are indetectable by conventional means. Hyperspectral imaging can see and characterize things by capturing the fine spectral detail lost when using color or multispectral sensors.

Applications such as industrial paint/dye/pigment mixing benefit from the sensitivity of hyperspectral versus conventional sensors.

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Hyperspectral Imaging Application Center (HIAC)

In order to introduce hyperspectral Imaging to a wider range of users and their applications, Headwall and Visratek launched HIAC in Ankara, offering key hyperspectral imaging services for your success, like on-demand sample analysis, application feasibility studies and demonstrations, hands-on training, as well as system-integration services. See recordings of our live events.

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