Hyperspectral Sensor Drone Integration

Flying the Spectrum

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have evolved into the 'Go-To' platform for many remote-sensing applications. Headwall's integrated hyperspectral sensor drones combine our advanced sensor with a choice of GPS/IMU mounted on a high-performance UAV.

Drone-mounted LiDAR and a stabilizing gimbal are also available.

Headwall also offers powerful software to manage data collection as well as key post-processing tasks such as orthorectification.

No other company in the multispectral drone camera industry offers this range of integration capabilities. Headwall's solutions are fully data-tested, and training is available!

Read about UAV integration in Photonics Spectra and GeoConnexion.



The GPS/IMU is a small instrument that enables exceptionally precise hyperspectral data acquisition. The GPS keeps track of the UAV's location coordinates while the IMU accounts for the effects of roll, pitch, and yaw. Headwall's GPS/IMU instruments are available in Standard and High-Performance versions.



Aerial LiDAR is useful for forest mapping and crop-health analytics by providing information on plant height and density. Combining hyperspectral and LiDAR  allows for more efficient flying since both data sets can be collected simultaneously. It also provides a more complete picture of how the landscape looks with respect to structure and vegetation types. Read More.

Synthesized Data


The data streams from each connected airborne instrument are combined thanks to the use of a small and light 'data-fusion' hub called HyperCore™. The instrument is about the size and weight of a Rubik's Cube and contains several input ports for LiDAR, GPS/IMU, thermal, hyperspectral, and more. Data streams are stored aboard a 480GB solid-state drive.

Flight Planning


Correct and accurate remote sensing missions start with flight planning. Headwall makes several software applications available, including a Polygon Tool that allows the user to determine the precise GPS points within which the drone with a hyperspectral camera will operate. This saves storage space and battery life, and assures a more accurate data-collection mission.



Example Airborne Solutions

VNIR + LiDAR on Stabilizing Gimbal + High-Performance GPS/IMU



  • This example uses the Matrice 600 Pro UAV from DJI.
  • Headwall's Nano-Hyperspec® VNIR (400-1000nm) imaging sensor
  • High-performance GPS/IMU and LiDAR
  • Custom stabilizing gimbal
  • All data streams synthesized


VNIR-SWIR Co-Aligned + Internal Data Storage + GPS-IMU + LiDAR



  • Full hyperspectral data coverage from 400nm to 2500nm
  • Headwall's VNIR+SWIR co-aligned sensor package, the smallest and lightest of its type available today
  • Custom hard-mount
  • Internal storage: (2) 480GB solid-state drives (one for each sensor)
  • Internal GPS/IMU and externally mounted LiDAR


SWIR 384 + High-Performance GPS/IMU + HyperCore™ Data Storage

SWIR package


  • Hyperspec® SWIR 384 (384 spatial bands) covers the 900nm to 2500nm range
  • High-performance GPS/IMU
  • HyperCore™ data-storage (480GB solid-state)
  • Custom hard-mount 
  • Headwall's Telecentric lens



Two GPS/IMU Instruments Available

Headwall makes two GPS/IMU instruments available for use on UAV applications: Standard (left) and high-performance (right). To learn about the differences relative to your application, please click the chat/e-mail button on the lower-right corner of this page.




The Headwall Spectral Range

For many remote sensing missions focused on agriculture and crops, the VNIR range is typical. For geological and mining applications, the SWIR range is common.

For Mid-wave Infrared (MWIR) applications, please contact Headwall.



Data Exploitation

Headwall's AgView™ application software enables same-day data acquisition and data exploitation. AgView™ provides spectral data interpretation of six standard vegetative indices (VI's) with others available.