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Webinar by the CHRSE

WEBINAR by the Center for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Europe

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

A free webinar was hosted by the new Center for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Europe (CHRSE) on Detection of Vegetation Encroachment on Infrastructure using UAV Hyperspectral Imaging & LiDAR.

With the permission of Deutsche Bahn AG, geo-konzept flew missions using a turnkey Headwall hyperspectral & LiDAR UAV system to support this project. Data analysis and visualization work by Headwall's Dr. Carson Roberts was presented at this year's DJI AirWorks. This webinar featured some new material and an online Q&A session.

If you missed the webinar, we will be providing a link to the recording to those who registered to attend. If you did not register earlier or want more information, you can sign up here


HISUI Spaceborne Imager for ISS Launch

Thursday, December 5, 2019

UPDATE: Successful launch on Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 12:29 am Eastern US Time!

HISUI (Hyperspectral Imager SUIte) is a spaceborne hyperspectral imager developed by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI). It contains Headwall hyperspectral technology and is scheduled for launch aboard a SpaceX Falcon-9 on December 4 from Cape Canaveral. It will be installed onboard the International Space Station (ISS).

HISUI's mission is practical application development for hyperspectral remote sensing, including oil resource exploration and synergy among optical, thermal and LiDAR instruments onboard the ISS. For example, biomass burning represents a significant emission source of carbon and other trace gasses (e.g., methane). However, it is difficult to evaluate the effect of biomass burning by using only one instrument. The severity of biomass burning might be quantified more easily by using data of the burned area and volume, fire intensity, and carbon emission estimated by utilizing several instruments onboard the ISS. 

Link to video of the launch


Northern Arizona University: December Demo Day

December 18, 2019

Experience a flight demo & presentation with Q&A by Headwall at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.

The Flight Demo will take place at 10am on Wednesday, December 18 at the Moonshot at NACET facility at 2225 N Gemini Rd, Flagstaff, AZ 86001, followed by a presentation by application scientist Dr. Will Rock of Headwall Photonics.

Where: Northern Arizona University, Moonshot at NACET facility at 2225 N Gemini Rd, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

When: Wednesday, Dec 18 at 10am, with Thurssday, Dec 19 at 10am in case of inclement weather

Seminar Location: Inside at the Moonshot at NACET facility
When: Wednesday, Dec 18 at Noon with lunch

RSVP, space is limited!


AGU Fall Meeting 2019

AGU Fall Meeting 2019

December 9 - 13, 2019

Come see how Headwall's turnkey hyperspectral imaging solutions for airborne, ground truth, and laboratory applications can let you see what you need to see. Our industry-leading UAV platform with VNIR, SWIR or both can be equipped for simultaneous LiDAR imaging. Capture 3D point cloud, create your own high-resolution DEM files for even more precise orthorectification on demand, and even utilize new hyperspectral-LiDAR data fusion for new ways to visualize your data.

Where: Booth 1342, Moscone Convention Center, 747 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
When: December 9 - 13, 2019

Arrange to meet to talk about your needs.

Photonics West Logo

Photonics West 2020

February 1 - 6, 2020

Come to booth 5552 to see how Headwall's OEM component, subassembly, and system solutions can help you see what you NEED to see.

We know what it takes to build a unique solution that provides a competitive edge in the marketplace. We have decades of experience as a vertically integrated designer and high-volume manufacturer of everything from holographic gratings and optical sub-assemblies to full systems and turnkey solutions. Our products are used every day in the lab, in the field, underwater, in the air, and in space!

Where: Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, United States
When: February 1 - 6, 2020

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