Quick Start for Airborne Systems

Quick Start UAV-Nano Part 01: Unboxing

Quick Start UAV-Nano Part 02: Software Pre-Flight Preparation

Quick Start UAV-Nano Part 03: Flight and Data Download

Quick Start UAV-Nano Part 04A: Data Post-Processing

Quick Start UAV-Nano Part 04B: Post-Processing High-Performance GPS/IMU Data



Webinars & Demos: Software & Systems

LiDAR Tools Tutorial with an Example of HSI-LiDAR Fusion

Hyperspectral Imaging Seminar at the Univ of Colorado - Boulder


Center for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Europe Webinar: Detecting Vegetation Encroachment with UAV Hyperspectral Imaging & LiDAR [registration required]. Q&A transcript.


Headwall Webinar, part of a Demo Day with live flight demo (not recorded here): Hyperspectral Seminar at Northern Arizona University - Flagstaff [registration required]


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