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COVID Safety Policy for Visitors

Visitors & Prospective Visitors

Our COVID policy is posted near our visitor registration kiosk, and a pre-visitation document (.pdf) should be sent to prospective visitors prior to arriving at the Headwall facility in Bolton, MA.


  • Please make arrangements with the appropriate Headwall employee and determine a specific date and time for your visit before arriving
  • Depending on the circumstance, we reserve the right to require evidence of vaccination for COVID-19 prior to your visit. See below for additional guidance:
    • Domestic (US) Visitors
      • Vaccinated - attest to vaccination status
    • International (Outside US) Visitors
      • Vaccinated - attest to vaccination status
        • AND
      • Rapid Test (within 72 hours of visit) - may already be a requirement from your airline
  • A limited number of rapid tests will be available at the Headwall facility in Bolton, MA, and will be required if there is a gap or uncertainty in the information that you provide to us. Any gaps must be approved by the sponsoring Headwall VP and HR/Finance.
  • Upon arrival, register at our visitor kiosk with your full name, company, e-mail, telephone number, and local address if you are traveling. These details may be shared with local public health authorities if it is determined that you are likely to have come in contact with someone suspected of carrying an infectious disease. You may be contacted by Headwall and/or public health authorities.
  • Facemasks are required for the duration of the visit except while eating or in an outdoor setting where physical distancing is possible.
  • If during your visit you begin to feel unwell or show symptoms of an infectious disease, notify your Headwall host immediately

Headwall Employees

  • Headwall employees are required to comply with the following prior to hosting a visitor:
    • All visitors are required to comply with the guidance
    • It is the responsibility of the manager sponsoring the visit to communicate the policy to the visitor and to provide HR with a copy of the records the visitor supplies on the same day as the visit
    • Contact tracing will be conducted in the event of a positive Covid test result during your visit.

If you have any questions about this policy or adherence to this policy, please use our Contact Form or call +1 (978) 353-4100.

The information on this page is kept as up to date as possible. Headwall reserves the right to make changes without notice.