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Headwall & HELICoiD in Laser Focus World Article

November 30, 2021

LFW-Thumbnail_Nov21-01In the November 2021 issue of Laser Focus World, Headwall President & CEO David Bannon described the development and implementation of a hyperspectral imaging (HSI) based neurosurgical spectral instrument that would be used in the neurosurgical suite during brain cancer surgeries and establishing the capability to discriminate between healthy and cancerous tissue as part of the HELICoiD (HypErspectraL Imaging Cancer Detection) Project in which Headwall supplied a two-sensor system to the group, which included four universities, three industrial partners, and two hospitals.

LFW-Thumbnail_Nov21-02The article discusses the awareness of spectral imaging’s capabilities in noninvasive treatment and precision medicine even beyond brain cancer where HSI may influence cellular spectroscopy, digital pathology, rapid-turn diagnostics, and endoscopic techniques.