The Value of Hyperspectral Imaging in Food Inspection

April 1, 2022

With more and more government regulations being placed on the food industry, food producers are turning to other means of inspecting their food products for quality and safety. Reliance on human visual inspection can result in faulty data acquisition, and the limited capabilities of RGB cameras is driving those in the food industry to evaluate other solutions.


Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) allows food producers to detect and sort foreign objects and contaminated food product from the sellable commodities. Objects that are visually similar to the quality products can be hard to detect with the naked eye, and doing so takes a significant amount of time and resources away from the producer's bottom line. By automating the detection of contaminated food product, quality is greatly improved and human bandwidth is optimized. 


Hyperspectral imaging enables the collection of spectral information of each pixel by detecting slight differences in color and composition. This greatly improves decisions involved in the process of sorting the good food product from the bad. The deployment of HSI automation in food production environments eliminates the manual and time-consuming tasks involved in visual inspection and sorting, and in turn reduces costs to the producer while improving food quality.


Hyperspectral imaging enables the analysis of chemical features of food product. Rapid and non-destructive analysis can determine the sweetness of fruit, the amount of histamines in fish, the extent of contamination in poultry, and the amount of adulteration in herbs and spices. 

Hyperspec® MV.X for Food Scanning

Headwall's award-winning Hyperspec MV.X is a fully-integrated imaging system that provides enormous value in the way it analyzes spatial and spectral information of food products. The MV.X scanning system is built to withstand water and dust, and can be installed indoors and out.

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